KATHMANDU: The law enforcement authorities have promised to bring a section of unscrupulous petrol pump owners across the capital to book for duping the consumers with unflinching regularity. On June 16, The Himalayan Times had reported about the malpractices perpetrated by some petrol pumps.

There have been complaints galore about less quantity of fuel being dispensed with by the “errant pumps to make a tidy profit”.

According to the Department of Commerce (DoC), 12 pumps have been hauled up for irregularities.

The move comes in the wake of the DoC’s latest monitoring drive on July 25 and 26. The Regional Office of Nepal Bureau of Standards and Metrology helped the authorities to uncover the malpractices.

The deceit goes up manifold as and when the nation reels from a fuel crisis, which is fairly frequent in light of periodic bandhs and strikes across the transit route in the Tarai.

The Standard Measuring Equipment had confirmed that the errant pumps dispensed with 20-70 ml less in every five litres of petrol.

Interestingly, the authorities are not empowered to take action against pumps that dupe 15 ml in every five litres of fuel.

Mukunda Dhungel, spokesperson, Nepal Oil Corporation, praised the law enforcement agencies’ move. Saroj Pandey, president, Nepal Petroleum Dealers’ Association, echoed Dhungel. As per Standard Weights and Measures Act-1968, the penalty is negligible vis-a-vis the crime.