KATHMANDU: Unveiling the preparedness of the Maoists for what they termed the third people’s movement, UCPN-Maoist chairman Pushpa Kamal Dahal on Monday appealed to all countrymen to wage the revolution and make it complete.

It is now time we finally decide whether to accept foreign hegemony or chart out our own fate, said an aggressive Dahal.

Citing his visits to and subsequent experiences in various developed countries like China, England, Russia as example, the former prime minster reiterated that no foreign powers could meddle into Nepal’s internal affairs.

He also came down heavily on the trend of allegedly hatching plots to split other political parties to acquire state power, adding that use of a few army generals to create havoc in the country is one of such conspiracies.

Conceding that it had been their ‘mistake’ to make incumbent Prime Minister Madhav Kumar Nepal a CA member, he expressed his resolution not to commit such a mistake in the future.

Dahal also claimed that those who were trying to impose emergency in the country during royal regime have now become ministers and repeat the same deeds. "We also know who are behind them," he said without explicitly mentioning who they were.

He was addressing a function to exchange greetings on the occasion of New Year of Nepal Sambat 1130 at Naya Bazar in Kathmandu.