KATHMANDU: The Top 12 bands for the Sprite Band Challenge 2 have been shortlisted and having gained experience from the previous rounds, they came up with polished performances on Day 1 of Top 12. Though the bands were expected to sing their originals, many did cover versions with only one performing an original creation.

Blackout performed Chaha Chhaina by Cobweb but could not sufficiently convince the judges. Not so pleased with their performance, the judges asked them to play a musical piece again, which finally pleased the judges. Then Dead Bone performed Sathi by Mt 8848 with some improvisation. The performance was well appreciated by the judges and was complimented as one of the best performances of the band. The House Call performed No Job, No Money by The Axe band but could not impress the judges. Inflected with their original creation Peace finally entertained the judges who had been compelled to listen merely cover songs from the very beginning of the show.

“Our performance today was good enough and the judges also appreciated our elf-composed song,” said Ayesha Giri, vocalist of Inflected. The judges also said that the band had taken the competition into another level.

Four more bands of Top 12 will be performing on November 4, which will be aired on Kantipur Television at 9:00 pm.