KAATHMANDU: Amidst the mass of theatre regulars and acclaimed stage performers, Gurukul School of Theatre organised a programme to pay homage to the late theatre personalities like Krishna Prasad Adhikari, Deepak Alok, Augusto Boal (Brazil) and Habib Tanwir (India) on June 13. Senior stage performer Prachanda Malla presented a brief history of the

late artiste Adhikari highlighting his contributions to Nepali theatre. Born in 1996 BS, Adhikari passed away

in 2066 BS. He had staged

a number of plays like Buhartan, Nalapanima, Pralhad penned by Bal Krishna Sama.

Senior artiste Desh Bhakta Khanal highlighted the late actor Alok’s contribution to theatre. Alok was born in 2013 BS and passed away in 2065 BS. He has performed in plays like Tara Tukriyera Jharda, Seto Gulaf and many others, which remain a source of inspiration in the history of Nepali theatre. Similarly, the programme also paid homage to two foreign stage artistes Habid Tanwir, an icon in Indian theatre, who passed away on June 8, 2009 AD and late Brazilian artiste Augusto Boal, world famous for introducing the Theatre of the Oppressed.

Sunil Pokharel, director Gurukul said that in the history of theatre the contribution of these inspiring artistes will be highly looked upto. Relating those artistes to history, he said, “ The present remains incomplete if we forget the past. Similarly, the history of theatre will remain incomplete if we forget the contribution of these artists,” added.