The idea of gardening and saving your money is questionable. If you grow smart, make few mistakes, and the weather is perfectly behaved, or if you can sell a serious batch of surplus veggetables, you may save (or even make) lots of money. More often it’s likely you will save a little money with a garden. Still in many ways gardening is a more cost efficient way to get organic vegetables and tabletop flowers. Plus, there are plenty of ways you can plan for a less expensive garden right from the start.

Start slow

If you are a new gardener, starting small, with easier plants is a more cost efficient option. You’ll learn as you go and those first gardening mistakes won’t cost as much if you’re gardening on a smaller scale.

Have a concrete plan

Willy-nilly gardening costs you more than it saves. Without a solid garden plan, you may head into the garden centre and buy seeds, plants, and gear you don’t actually need. Without a solid plan, those berry bushes might overwhelm you and you’ll have more work, but not any berries to show for it. Make sure you know what you are planting ahead of time, where you are planting, and all the care facts you need for specific plants at your disposal. Note that part of your plan should include what sort of soil you have so you fix it before hand if need be.

Use what you have

This can be saving seeds or trying a seed exchange, taking cuttings or dividing plants, using a rain barrel, making your own compost, or using egg cartons for starting seeds. Try to use natural resources and reusable resources to the fullest before using brand new and more expensive resources.

Go with your choice

It means grow mostly plants you’re at ease with and work in newbie plants on a smaller level. Plants you know and have cared for before are more likely to do well. Growing native plants that your actual environment is used to doesn’t hurt either.

Lookout for pests

Slugs, example, small as they may be can literally take out most of a vegetable garden. That’s a big money loss. Learn about pests in your area and be prepared.

Pool resources

If you need a lot of something (potting mix, border plants, et cetera) you may be able to pool money with another gardener, buy in bulk, and save.