KATHMANDU: Minister for Finance Surendra Pandey claimed that the budget for this year would be endorsed through the parliament within a few days. Speaking at an interaction programme in the capital on Thursday Minister Pandey further claimed that the main opposition UCPN-Maoist which was continously obstructing the House business would help in the endorsement of the budget.

He also claimed that UCPN-Maoist would let the House run its business and restrict its protest programmes to the streets as they had reached a consensus on it. Pandey said that the demands of civilian supremacy raised by the UCPN-Maoist could not be compared with the budget business. Pandey said that owing to the delay in the endorsement of the budget, the Ministers had been deprived of their monthly salaries and he cautioned that it would not be long before the CA lawmakers, PLA personnel and other bodies including civil servants, Nepal Army and Nepal Police face the same problem.