WASHINGTON, DC: UML politburo member and former minister Pradeep Gyawali on Sunday said there were both challenges and opportunities for the current UML-led government. As a major coalition partner, the UML could be a major force if it could live up to people’s expectations or else perish just as another failed government.

His statement came at an interaction programme organized by the America-Nepal Society and Washington Nepal Forum in Washington DC, according to a press release issued by the organizations.

Stressing on the politics of consensus, Gyawali predicted Nepal would be a failed state if the political parties did not work together. If Maoists review their mistakes and adhere to past agreements and multiparty systems, the problems of Nepal could be solved in co-operation with the UML and the NC, reads the statement.

He also made it clear that present government was not an anti-Maoist alliance.

He hinted at a paradigm shift in the country’s politics saying the role of political parties had decreased while that of non-political parties increased. The UML should provide Nepali people with political stability, security and socioeconomic reforms, Gyawali said.

Asked about the Maoist fighters in the cantonment, he said the PLA members should be given due opportunities. Incorporating some 10,000 PLAs into the current Nepa Army would not make ‘substantial difference,’ he opined.

Federalism, he said, was not to be mistaken for division of the country along caste, linguistic and cultural lines. However, people are seeking their recognition the cost of others’ he said, adding that “One Madesh, One Pradesh” was irrelevant and impossible

Washington-Nepal Forum a Washington-based organisation working for the Nepali diapora to facilitate conservation on contemporary issues pertaining to Nepal.