RAMECHHAP: CPN-UML president Jhala Nath Khanal on Saturday directed his party cadres to retaliate if anyone attacks them.
Speaking at a party meeting held at district headquarters Manthali today, Khanal slammed the Unified CPN-Maoist for showing anti-leftist tendencies by attacking people holding different views. “If somebody tries to attack you, don’t remain silent. Retaliate against them,” he directed his party cadres.
The district chapter of the UML organised the meet to protest the UCPN-M’s attack against its general secretary Ishwor Pokharel on May 17.
Khanal also asked party cadres to prepare a list of people who issue threats to them. The UML boss said the UCPN-M would pay heavily for its excesses and added that the Prachanda-led government was toppled because of its anarchic activities.
Khanal accused the Maoists of fascism and harbouring criminals.
Khanal said the UML-led government would go ahead as per the spirit of consensus with other political parties. “The government would specially prioritise the integration of armies, draft the constitution within the stipulated deadline and trigger economic revolution in the country,” he added.
Saying that the UML is ready to sacrifice for the protection of motherland, Khanal said his party would move ahead as per the spirit of unity. He clarified that the Youth Force, the party’s youth wing, was formed for the protection of Nepali people. Khanal also directed the YF cadres not to take law in their hands.
Prime Minister Madhav Kumar Nepal, on the other hand, said today that the government would move ahead by joining hands with all political parties to take the peace process to a logical conclusion.
“This is not the time to aggravate disputes,” Nepal said, after visiting Martyrs’ Park, which has been under construction for the last two years in Jagadol VDC in Kathmandu today. “The park, which will be constructed to honour martyrs of different movements in the country, will help future generations to know the martyrs and honour their sacrifice,” he added.
The government decided to construct the park on May 1, 2007, in an area spread over 629 ropanis.
Though the government had prepared a three-year plan to complete the construction, no progress has been made so far. The government plans to install statutes of all martyrs announced by the government at different times.