KATHMANDU: At one place she is pensive, somewhere else she is bold, but she is lively in some way or the other. ‘Silhouettes in Time 2’, the ninth solo art exhibition by Erina Tamrakar, which started from November 11 at Imago Dei Café Gallery, Garidhara, reflects the emotions of women of rural Nepal.

Excluding some, almost all of Tamrakar’s paintings portray a woman, whose face is distinctive in some, while it is unclear in some. Another major subject of the paintings is the umbrella, which is depicted as everyone’s friend and symbol of one’s status. Vibrant colours like red, blue and yellow are dominantly used in many her paintings, while merely two colours compose the paintings in some. However, in some, merely a single colour also remains a major hue on the canvas.

Women attired in typical Nepali dresses like gunyo-choli dominate the paintings, showcasing the different parts of a woman’s life. In a painting, a woman is portrayed in such a way that she is releasing herself from the dark. Her dress is adorned with golden spots and white shawl covers her hands, which symbolises both, support and blockade on her way to freedom. Similarly, another painting showcases motherhood of a womean who is breastfeeding her child. The painting titled ‘Woman with moon’ showcases the chopped moon shining in the red sky and people are sheltered under a huge bright umbrella, which indicates the need for unity among people.

‘Woman with Umbrella’ is another painting in two canvases where a nude man and woman are depicted in one, while another showcases a woman holding an umbrella. However, a yellow line links the canvases.

“Though man and woman live together after getting married, still they have their individual lives to live,” said Tamrakar stating that she has attempted to convey this very message through the painting where a woman is portrayed on a canvas and a man on another facing each other. The painting is highly dominated by red colour while black comes merely as a shadow.

The exhibition is on till November 21. — Surendra Tandukar