KATHMANDU: One thing that is in abundance in Himsheela Bharati’s first solo exhibition is the mediums used. Experimenting with different mediums, the variety presented by Bharati is more like a group exhibition than a solo collection.
Her collection has the dark aura of charcoal but then there is celebration of vibrant hues with oil paints and watercolours. And the canvas has not been restricted to one media as she has balanced the black of charcoals with a splattering of different colours in her most recent creation. In this piece, which is also her favourite one, there is am image of a happy child taking a bath holding a water pipe in his hands. She has used charcoal to draw the whole scene but still unlike other pictures, done in this medium, this one projects happiness as there are colours sprinkled all over the canvas.
“I don’t want to restrict myself, so I just use any medium,” said the artist who has in fact showcased some printing work as well. Talking about the mediums, she said that while she likes oil paints she enjoys working with charcoal.
While the medium is varied, her subject is somewhat not. “I have always been inclined towards
human portraits,” she added. Each piece of her collection speaks about humans be it a close-up portrait or just a figurative presentation, the human presence is dominant.
There are a couple of pieces where she has tried out abstract style of painting as well.
Titled ‘A step forward’,
the exhibition which opened on October 10 at the Yala Maya Kendra, Patan Dhoka will be on till October 16.