KATHMANDU: A cabinet decision on Wednesday bifurcated the Ministry of Water Resources into two separate ministries – the Ministry of Irrigation and the Ministry of Energy.

Newly-appointed Minister for Energy Prakash Sharan Mahat conceded that the bifurcation of the ministry has occurred without sufficient homework done. The decision has been made without holding adequate consultations and discussions among consumers, industrialists, investors and other stakeholders, he added.
He however said the consideration for a separate ministry was always on the cards in order to cover the multiple sectors within it under a single umbrella.

Saying that the newly-established ministry would focus on lessening the gap between demand and supply of energy, he promised that consultations would be carried out to explore various measures for reducing the gap and formulating short-term and long-term plans to address the energy crisis of the country.
The new ministry would be working towards creating investment-friendly environment by ensuring peace and security and putting an end to the culture of impunity in the country, he added.

Minister Mahat also expressed his commitment to review the past government’s 38-point plan to address the energy crisis and incorporate new plans into it. All the details would be sorted out once discussion on it with the concerned stakeholders would be completed.