Down History's Narrow...

It is said that when the gods left earth they lingered awhile in the beauty of Nepal. Eons later an Englishman wrote, "There are more temples than thee are houses and more religious people than laymen." Despite change there are corners of magic and enchantment. Still every monument has a myth, every temple tells a tale. Here in a book are captured just some of the myriad wonders that were.Finally in print again. Desmond believed that we are born every time someone thinks of us; if so this book will bring him to life again and again and again as will the two beautiful gardens at The Shangri-La and Malla Hotel and the library dedicated to Desmond in The Shangri-La. He designed both hotels and cherished all he did for them and for all his ventures in Kathmandu and around the world. Hundreds of people in far flung places were brought together by the incredible personality of Desmond Doig.

Creating a World Without...

The winner of the 2006 Nobel Peace Prize outlines his vision for a new business model that combines the power of free markets with the quest for a more humane world -- and tells the inspiring stories of companies that are doing this work today. Traditional capitalism cannot solve problems like inequality and poverty. Human beings have many other drives and passions, including the spiritual, the social and the altruistic. Welcome to the world of social business, where the creative vision of the entrepreneur is applied to today's most serious problems: feeding the poor, housing the homeless, healing the sick and protecting the planet. Creating a World Without Poverty tells the stories of some of the earliest examples of social business, including Yunus's own Grameen Bank. It reveals the next phase in a hopeful economic and social revolution that is already under way -- and in the worldwide effort to eliminate poverty by unleashing the productive energy of every human being.

Nobody Understands Me Appreciating teenagers and adolescence getting into teenage is like entering into an uncharted zone -- there is excitement as well as a sense of insecurity. A teenager is caught in an intriguing web of cover-confidence stemming from a renewed identification with the self and a fear of the future. This simple book will prove an effective guide for parents, teachers and counselors for a better understanding of teenagers and their concern their need for support and their desire for personal space at the same time.

The Great Crash 1929

Rampant speculation. Record trading volumes. Assets bought not because of their

value but because the buyer believes he can sell them for more in a day or two, or an hour or two. Welcome to the late 1920s in the US. There are obvious and absolute parallels to the great bull market of the late 1990s, writes Galbraith in a new introduction dated 1997. Of course, Galbraith notes, every financial bubble since 1929 has been compared to the Great Crash, which is why this book has never been out of print since it became a bestseller in 1955.

Galbraith writes with great wit and erudition about the perilous actions of investors and the curious inaction of the government.

The Watchman Joe Pike, the intriguing, enigmatic partner of LA PI Elvis Cole, takes center stage in this intense thriller from bestseller Crais (The Two Minute Rule). To pay back an old debt, Pike is coerced into protecting Larkin Barkley, a hard-partying young heiress whose life is in danger after a 'wrong place wrong time' encounter that quickly escalates and spins out of control. The enemy is shadowy, violent and relentless, but the fierce, focused Pike, one of the strongest characters in modern crime fiction, is equal to the challenge. The breathless pace and rich styling are sure to appeal to readers of hard-boiled fiction in general, but since up to now Pike has mostly remained in the background, some fans of the Elvis Cole series (The Forgotten Man) may find the explicit picture that emerges of Pike at odds with the image they've constructed for themselves.