It is said that it hardly takes few seconds to ignite anger in Preity Zinta and once she gets angry then she is not the one who would back out from the fight.

Recently producer Tito Juneja’s son Sonny Juneja had to face the storm from Preity when he dared to throw comment on Preity’s acting capabilities while she was dubbing for Tito’s film Har Pall .

Preity got so bugged up with the continuous comments from Sonny that she decided to quit dubbing session and took a seat in a nearby park.

In the end director Jahnu Barua had to arrive on the sets to convince the angry actress for resuming the dubbing. Preity did so but only after Sonny was asked to leave the studio.

Whether reports of cold vibes between films cast Shiney Ahuja and Preity or Shiney’s balding problems, ‘Har Pall’ has always been associated with these kinds of negative stories.

But as it is said in Bollywood, negative or positive, free publicity is always welcomed.

Maybe the uncontrollable anger fuming in Preity is just a part of that.