KATHMANDU: Summer is a time for both you and your pet to enjoy the sunshine and outdoors, but along with fun, the season can also be dangerous for your pet. With the advent of summer, it is time to start taking extra care of your

dog so that it stays in good health throughout the summer. Remember precaution and timely care can prevent any kind of health problems of your pet.

Heat stroke

High temperatures can pose health hazards to all kinds of dogs. Heat stroke is one such hazard.

“Heat stroke can result when a dog is exposed to high temperatures,” informed Dr Pratik Man Pradhan, veterinarian at Mount Everest Kennel Club. The normal body temperature in dogs is up to 102 degrees Celsius. “In summer their body temperature can rise up to 110 degree Celsius causing heat stroke in them,” he informed adding, “Rapid panting, dark red gums, dog lying down and unwilling to get up, loss of consciousness, thick saliva and dizziness are the major symptoms of heat stroke.”

Unlike other problems, heat stroke can be very dangerous for dogs. Once the symptoms are visible, immediate

treatment is necessary.

Dr Pradhan suggested, “Try to cool down the dog by using water and take them to the veterinarian as soon as possible. Heat stroke is so dangerous that it can even be fatal for dogs.”

Right food

Special attention is must in terms of dog food so as to keep them healthy throughout the warm months.

Fresh and healthy food is the basic criteria to keep dogs healthy. But people still don’t tend to provide fresh food to their pets. Leftover food and those cooked days earlier are given to dogs.

Menuka Mahat, a housewife, makes sure her dog Khairi gets fresh food.

“Compared to winter, food becomes unhealthy if

kept overnight. So I always keep food in refrigerator

for Khairi.”

“Unhealthy food can cause problems like diarrhoea and dysentery in dogs,” warned Dr Pradhan and urged, “Besides healthy food one must be conscious about providing a balanced diet to dogs in the summer season. Abundance of water and soup are the most essential requirements in a dog’s diet.”

“People have a misconception that meat shouldn’t be given to dogs when they are sick. But it is not true as meat is a good source of protein. Together with the right amount of meat, other foods should also be fed in right quantity,” he said.

Cleanliness and


“On extremely hot summer days, dogs should not be left outside in sun for extended periods of time,” he warned. Dogs should be given regular baths during summers but Dr Pradhan recommended, “You should give your dog once-a-month bath without fail in the summer.”

Mosquitoes and fleas are other threats to dogs during summer. Sanitation is a must as dogs are susceptible to different kind of skin diseases

during these hot

months. “The first thing is regular cleaning of dog’s bedding and regular baths. To avoid mosquitoes from reaching the dog’s kennel, opt for a netted door. Even room sprays can be used,” suggested Dr Pradhan.