KATHMANDU: Words by Uttam Bhaukajee is a perfect set of sentimental, tragedy and romantic songs. With nine well-composed songs by various high profile musicians and singers like Nhyoo Bajracharya, Uday Sotang, Deepak Bajracharya and others, the album consists of every type of music for music lovers. From romantic Ma Nashama by Sanoop Poudel to sentimental Nashodha Malai by Satya Raj Acharya, fans will surely get pleasure to hear our favourites’ soothing songs.
Song titled, Bhana Timro y Satya/Swaroop and Kina Aaucha Sugam Pokharel are some romantic songs while Manai Ta Ho composed by Biju Bajra and sung by Dharmendra Sewan, Hiramoti by Ciney Gurung and Bhannai Sakina sung and composed by Deepak Bajracharya are some of the sentimental love songs in the album. All the lyrics of nine songs are good and some are really heart touching. Lyrics of Nashodha Malai is one of the best in the album. Music.com Pvt Ltd marketed the album.