Winter time is when children find it difficult to go outdoor and enjoy. Staying indoors might keep them warm but with lack of activities they can either get on your nerves or become dull. This season involve them in some gardening . It will not only keep them engage but also teach them about plants and responsibility.

Start an herb garden

This is the perfect garden for your children to monitor in the winter months. Grab a couple of containers about 6 to 12 inches deep, fill them with soil and plant basil, chives, parsley or mint. They won’t grow too wide or tall - perfect for a windowsill garden.

Decorate pots

To prepare for spring, help children get started early by decorating their own pot for a potted plant. Purchase inexpensive pots at a local craft store and child-safe, durable paints, and then let the young ones loose to create their own masterpiece.

Create a garden

Encourage your children to help in planning for gardening next spring. Draw a sketch of your yard, let them pick from a variety of flowers and plan where you will plant them. By keeping kids excited for the upcoming gardening season, they’ll want to stay more involved with planting and caring for the flowers .

Outdoor nature

Send the children outside with a bag to pick up leaves, sticks, stones and other foliage to glue on a large piece of paper. They can make shapes, create a scene or tell a story with the collage.

Adopt a plant

Give children a little responsibility with taking care of a plant of their choice. Take them to the local gardening centre and let them select their favourite flower or fern.

Garden crafts

There are several projects you can try such as hand-painted plant markers or homemade whirligigs to put between rows to frighten off birds. Your local craft store should have all the supplies you need.