A pooling of resources

A pooling of resources ‘ is to bring concepts and designs together before initiating a project, improving existing infrastructures or engage in studies on an esoteric subject. These are of varied concerns and there is no fixed location or time for it to happen only that it benefits those who are involved, directly or indirectly.

Prior to executing a project,

certain norms and standards must

be addressed.

This entails finalising the draft into a blueprint to make sure that there is no chance of it backfiring. Anything under wraps must be revealed even though it is a private venture. All losses and deficits incurred have to be sorted out beforehand.

Improving what is already in place like seating arrangements and

lighting/sound effects are given top priority. No second guesses as to

the details, big or small, that are being attended. Before its net worth is brought about and then calculated

in-built measures are reviewed before putting it into place.

To engage in an esoteric subject means taking time out to research

the tribal folklore in a remote area. Funding is, of course, necessary and

so is a willing spirit without which nothing is accomplished. Any

hesitation shown is nipped in the

bud to allow for an effort on the topic under consideration.

Resources in any field of endeavour makes it possible to give it a go on a trial-and-error basis. Likewise, sponsorships facilitates so that it remains not only on paper but brought to light. Giving a thought to the process may well bring about a correct alignment and the necessary changes.

No regrets at having made the wrong choice but delving into the matter at hand. There is nothing like making real and tangible progress in a timely fashion and grant a certain measure of relief. Because everything are to be seen to in an equal measure with no holds barred.

Any undertaking must consider its many facets so that it starts on the right note — to be sustained

from the beginning to the end. Because it is important not to let hindrances come in the way allowances must be made for a margin-of-error. Where before there was a concept only, a barren landscape and no initiative there is a bid to bring it into life with or without outside help.