A way out

The old adage of not being hoodwinked by all that glitters seems to the buzz word in

these inflationary times. What with the leaps and bounds that gold prices are increasing, the

lure is there for the metal back home in Nepal but the wallet is too thin to go on a buying spree.

However, there’s a catch to fulfill the dearest wishes of many to deck themselves with the deception

that the look-alike gold plated ornaments can offer. From far, only an experienced jeweler would be able to distinguish between the real stuff and the imitation. That doesn’t make a difference to those who want to flaunt but can’t get hold of the real metal thanks to the monetary constraint.

As goes with human ingenuity, the lust for the yellow glitter has been fulfilled by the gold plated jewellery. The outlets where they can be bought over the counter are seeing the green bucks rolling in unabated. The thirsty seekers of ornaments can gain an ego-booster of sorts by going for the look-alike ones. Such ornaments have the real touch yet saves the wearer the great sadness in case of loss or robbery.