Well, most of us would agree that nobody wants to grow old. I would never want my hair to fade grey. I am sure you would not want your bones to give up when you think of a beautiful trekking destination, either. But time has all plans to make us look worn out with the increasing number of candles in our birthday cake. It’s more like “Hey, blow one more candle and fray yourself out a little more this year”. When I was 16, Zac Effron was my major crush and now I think Benedict Cumberbatch (Sherlock Holmes) is one beautiful creation. I have grown from Beckham to Ronaldo, Shah Rukh to Ranbir, studying in school to working in an office. What we are forgetting is that age anticipates maturity, but it’s the situations that play the lead role. Age makes us grow physically, however, experiences and instances help us mentally and emotionally. So how do we attain the much proclaimed stage of maturity and when? I wish it was easy. You go through a tough situation, well everybody does, who doesn’t, but when you come out stronger and more sensible achieving a milestone. Moulding yourself out from your stupid self to a more rational self is called maturity. It is completely OK not to act age wise but one needs to act pragmatically as and when the situation demands.  Being mature does not involve being over-considerate, over concerned, over ambitious or over possessive, but yes considerate, concerned and ambitious but in a more realistic manner. There isn’t any voice as influential as yours, so shut the unnecessary ones, they aren’t as motivational. People would judge you anyway, so why not smile and ignore the harmful ones?  We aren’t the sole existing people. Knowing the world from others’ perceptions is as important as breathing. Move out of people, situations, circumstances which can no longer be a part of your journey. You get to be a part of the next chapter only when you finish the previous one. No discrimination made on the basis of one’s belief is legitimate. Respect perceptions, learn from new ones and improve the old ones on requirement. No person is completely, perfectly mature. The extent differs with situations and people. Maturity happens when you deal with the worst possible scenarios, have patience when in an urgency and force your nerve and sinew to hold on when you think everything’s lost.