Anyone listening?

We have all been through phases, moments and situations where we have the high level of emotions going on in our mind. It could be through an experience that we pass or it could be through a startling situation in our lives – something that we never anticipated.  When something that is hard for us to comprehend happens, several thoughts crisscross our minds.

Some of us vent our feelings through writing, while others like to divert their mind to other activities.

There are many of us who like to talk about it to our best friends or closest family members, while there are people who find solace in talking to a person who has gone through or might have gone through the same experience.

And there are a few of us who do not mind conversing even with a stranger about the incidents we come across.

Which category do you belong to then? After answering that question, just give in a thought to “why do we need someone to just listen”?

Firstly, there are times where we all know what the right thing is and what the most practical decision should be. Yet we want to discuss the issue with someone who you think shares the same wavelength with you while taking a decision.

Secondly, we are filled with sentiments and we want to let them out and say things aloud. Herein, there are no judgments, no reactions, but only the act of listening that we seek.

Similarly, when we talk to someone that we hardly know and are going to part ways in no time, there is no exploration in whatever we share and there definitely will not be any connection further. Thirdly, the most basic need of all humans is to communicate, be understood.  And the best way to achieve is: to lend an ear, to listen.

In these circumstances, many of us who are at the recipient side do not know how to react.

There is no clear indication of what is required of us and what we are supposed to do. Are we here only to listen, or are we to give our expertise, proficient advice?

There can be a lot of confusion over it if the motto of the talk is not clear. My best mantra for these situations is people are smart and mature enough to make their own choices, and they do not really need an advice unless they seek.

What they need is a hand to hold, an ear to listen and a heart to understand them.