A tipsy army captain of Bhairabnath Battalion and his equally drunken orderly manhandling a team of Nepal Police personnel at Thamel on Saturday morning has not only tarnished the Nepal Army’s image but also bears testimony to infamous arrogance of some high strung armymen who consider themselves superior to their counterparts in the police force. The seven-member police team’s only crime was to ask the armymen to shift their ‘wrongly-parked’ vehicle as it was causing a traffic snarl. Unfortunately, instead of obliging, the armymen choose to threaten and manhandle the cops. Later on, over 20 soldiers whisked away three cops from the Durbarmarg police station to the battalion’s barracks where the latter were badly thrashed. The subjection of a constable to electric shocks is truly shocking.

If the securitymen themselves act irresponsibly, then how can the public expect improvement in the law and order situation? Both the army and police are, by definition, co-travellers but there have been ample incidents to prove that they need to forge mutual trust, respect and confidence as indeed they must. As the government has formed a commission and the army is also investigating the case, the prompt suspension of the army captain is a positive indication of the establishment’s intent of cleansing the security apparatus. One hopes that the rest of the guilty will meet with similar punitive fate. The humiliated cops, meanwhile, should somehow be soothed. Lastly, all the securitymen should realise that they, like everybody else in the country, are not above the law. Highhandedness should not go scot-free.