Be the change

I think you all got your story and I got mine too. How would you feel living with the person who molested you in your childhood? What would you say to those girls or women who are molested in different public vehicles of Nepal? What would you do when the act of domestic violence is done  nearby you? Well we say our country has been modernized and laws have been implemented in a way to cover our eyes when the person who has committed a sin is legally roaming around on the street performing the same act twice or thrice.

I was held in society’s captivity until I decided to free myself from those conservative norms. I had experienced, witnessed different incidents. A few days back my friend was travelling in a public vehicle and  she was molested, and when she fought for her right no one was there to stand by her side.

Another incident took in my nearby locality where a woman was beaten by her father-in-law. Nobody was there to lift her, people were just gazing saying we can’t interfere in other’s house. If they did so they would have to take her to the hospital but nobody was there.

The question for those neighbours who were present in the place where the incident  occurred is are you, not humans to show humanity? I took her to the hospital but she refused to make a complaint against her father-in-law. We are humans and every human learns from his or her mistakes. But is punching and slapping a women a mistake to be done? Since my childhood I pretended no sin was done though I had had witnessed many.

to the constitution everyone has the right to life, liberty and security, no one shall be subjected to torture or to cruel, inhuman or degrading treatment or punishment. Domestic violence, abusing women and molestation are heinous crimes. If women do not speak about the abuses they are facing they will never get rid of it and they will never get justice.

Furthermore, if we do not speak against the abuses which we have faced then that itself is a big crime. Instead of posting in the social media by mentioning; yes I’ve been through this and that pick your phone right away and dial 100. The help you have been seeking will appear in front of your eyes. Don’t just wash your body if you feel dirty when you are molested, call for help even if no one agrees to be by your side. Never stay quite if anyone tries to molest you on the street, inside the bus or where ever you are.