Being a change maker

To become a straw that stirs the drink, you need to become the straw first and should learn to survive as a straw. Being a change maker is not easy. You have to pass through hurdles and thorny gardens. But once you sustain it and succeed, you will become that cause which will change not only your locality, but the whole nation and sometimes the whole world. All the leaders and change makers have one thing in common: self reflection. “You must be the change you wish to see in the world”. If you cannot accept the change, you cannot bring that change. I passionately aspire to change a system against which my country has some strict rules, yet it is still practiced. We call it: Child labor.

I started teaching at an age of sixteen in an informal women’s school in my locality. Most of my students are housemaids. They are not child laborers now, but they are also the victims. And this is how they had their future ruined. Our government which is very focused on solving the issues like the fuel crises today may not realize the fact that the root causes are the issues it has been neglecting. Issues like child labor are regarded as small branches of a tree and issues like ‘fuel crises’ are regarded as the root, but the scenario is completely opposite. Talking about the constitution, there is one thing that always bothers me. Most of the people including me were very happy that it finally happened and our constitution was ranked no.1 in Asia and no.3 in the whole world. But there are people who are not mindful enough to respect the gift we got after such a long and eager wait. And this protest is the reason behind the recent fuel crises in Nepal. Had there been less child labor and more school goers in the recent past, the present citizens of Nepal would have been more mindful and respectful.

“Real leadership is when everyone else feels in charge”. A true leader listens to everyone’s ideas and acts accordingly. Leaders do not compete with prevalent solutions to a problem. They create a new and a much better solution. Change begins within you. If a person is too stubborn within oneself, he/she can never become a good leader. When everyone realizes the fact that development is possible only when leaders create leaders not followers, we could really see the face of sustainable development. And to become a straw that not only stirs the drink, but also creates other equally capable straws is not easy.