Being temporary

I have not had a very long life but even till now there is one thing that I have understood about living. People brood about sorrows and hardships and infinite sufferings but fail to comprehend one tiny truth that is evident yet hidden. And I am not saying what people do is wrong but however bad the situation is now, it is not going to remain the same every day. I am talking about how things seem so unending and eternal, but in reality the nature of things is really impermanent.

I say this not for the sake of saying but by experience. For instance, yesterday I was turning the pages of my childhood photo album and caught a glimpse of a photograph where I was holding a Barbie I liked the most. “I am never going to let anything happen to this Barbie, she is my best friend”, is what I remember I used to say. Now time has changed so much that if it wasn’t for that picture, I wouldn’t even remember I had a Barbie at all.

We think what happens to us at some moment is so significant that it will have a huge impact in our days to come. But eventually, we move on and maybe we won’t entirely forget about it, but that thing will surely have lesser impact later.

Recently, I went through a bad experience and felt my life devastated. I am not going to mention the specifications but it was real bad, at least for me. So, I was all over the place crying and thinking and in some portions regretting and turning away food with loss of appetite. Then a friend of mine, after some days of my penance, made me realize that it was just a phase, and it is over and no matter how much I do anything, there is no use crying for spilled water. This thing hit me hard and changed my entire perspective on life. It was like one of those lines in a biography that inspires you so much and overloads you with positive energy and shows you a new side of life that is filled with opportunities. It might sound funny but in my defense, sometimes it is the small things that teach you lessons rather than big and scary incidents!

Life is about learning and committing mistakes and in that duration, if bad things come our way, the next thing you need to do is flush it off and take a fresh start. Yes, it might not be applicable all the time but we’ve got to at least try. Looking through a macro perspective, even the scariest world wars ended so the war inside individuals can end too which brings me to where I started; being temporary is the nature of things.