Bereft of hope

Though the number of children going to school has been increasing annually, most of the government schools in the country are facing an acute dearth of teachers. For instance, there are two thousand seven hundred vacancies for teachers in several schools in Dhading alone. The shortage of teachers in schools has not only deprived the students of the teachers’ guidance but has also led to deteriorating quality of education in government schools. Similarly, other government schools across the country have complained that the government authorities, especially the Ministry of Education, have not paid proper attention to solving the problem and improving the quality of education in public schools.

The shortage of teachers has not only led to the closure of several government schools, especially those in the remote areas, but has also forced tens of thousands of students to leave their districts to pursue their studies elsewhere though it means a considerable financial burden. Moreover, the teachers that have been employed in government schools have not been properly trained to apply modern methods to impart education to students. The government needs to fill the vacancies in government schools immediately to ensure that students are not deprived of their basic right to education. At the same time, the government should provide training to teachers, which will help improve the quality of education in schools.