Best job

Getting a job and hanging on to it seems to be the intense desire of great many people. It is given that a job, to some extent, provides security all the more if it’s civil service. The almost certain at-the-end of-the-month pay packet is the spellbinder. So it couldn’t have been anything surprising when 34,000 candidates made their foray for the “best job” as a caretaker on an island on an island in the Great Barrier Reef in Australia. The result was that a Briton got hold of it. Don’t know how top class the winner will find it, though the six figure pay in that country must be something to reckon with.

Back to Nepal, the scenario is different. New ventures, whether in health delivery services, media, tourism or industry have the trappings of hefty remunerations. But, the biggest happening is in politics. It’s a wonder that even the leaders not in power have the luxury of driving about in chauffer-driven vehicles. How they get to meet their worldly budget is a marvel that defies all imagination. Not all of them have any link with corruption. It’s so strange that the source of the financial drive of the people’s leaders remains a mystery.