Beyond our understanding

Some believe dream comes true and for some it is fragment of our imagination or thought stored in our subconscious mind. Whatever it is, our readers have some interesting incidents to share

I had a dream sometime ago before a heist in my house in which the bandits took away all my priceless treasures stacked neatly in the cupboard. In the dream I saw that the doors were ajar with my suits and ties and my wife’s saris strewn all over the place right through to the hallway. I woke up freaking out. I went over to the room to check and found that the cupboard was locked and intact.

In the morning, I told my wife about my dream and she laughed it off as figment of my imagination. I did tell her that I do not feel very comfortable and that we should put everything in a locker. She was surprised that I had suddenly turned superstitious and told me not to take dreams to heart. Somehow this dream lingered on the back of my mind for six more months. The bandits broke into my house one fine day and in a few hours between 1:00 pm to 5:00 pm, everything was gone. When we returned home, what struck me was the exact flashback of my dream — almirah doors ajar, strewn suits, ties and saris, scattered papers and missing treasures and three bottles of best drinks from my collection.

— Manohar Shrestha, Kathmandu

I usually have sequences of dreams, but very few of them come true. This is related to my mum, a very weak woman with numerous diseases. I am used to sending her various medicines from the Capital to my village for her regular treatment. But it became difficult for me to send medicines due to the blockade. This was bothering me for quite some time as I was unable to send her medicines. Perhaps that’s why I began to dream at night that my mother was in trouble. Unfortunately, my dream came true — she was in acute pain due to high blood pressure and I went to my home town. I called an ambulance and took her to hospital. Now she is admitted in the hospital as she suffers from mini strokes.

— Yadav Lamichhane, Maharajgung, Kathmandu

Many years back, while I was sleeping I saw a dream about a sponsorship project and I saw many children were helpless. They needed somebody to help them because they were in great need. So, I was thinking about searching for someone who would be able to help them with their studies. The very next day, I woke up and made up my mind to help those children. Later I was able to find a good sponsor, who was willing to help them with their studies. I worked very hard for this project. Now some of the children are working overseas in good companies and few of them are working as

social workers and as good teachers. So, finally I was able to fulfil my dream.

— Sonam Khadge

‘Mum, dad please help me! My leg has fractured. Please come and help!’ I was screaming desperately. When my mum held me, I woke up lying restless on my bed. My leg was fine. I exhaled. ‘God! What a horrible dream?’ I prayed to the Almighty not to make that dream a reality. That afternoon my friends had been calling me frequently as we planned for a gathering. But I was cautious due the dream I had seen. The dream alarmed me every single second I thought of going out of home. Finally I decided to visit my friend Asmita. She insisted me to wander around somewhere. But I was terrified of being harmed.

She took me to a place where volleyball match was being held. I was so distraught as I was not being able to get the dream of out of my mind. I wanted to return home. Meanwhile, I met a friend, Satya. He asked if he could drop us home. My answer was negative. At the same time Asmita was excited as she was fond of riding bike. Both of them dragged me. Suddenly, a water tanker hit us and I was lying on the road. My friends tried to help me stand, but I couldn’t. I felt so helpless. I realised that my leg had been fractured. I was badly injured; my knee wounded and bled. They took me to a hospital and left me alone to bear all pain. They became indifferent to my suffering.

The accident became an incident in my life that can never be erased. From that day onwards I have become familiar to pain and suffering. I learnt there will be no one to share your pain except you. The incident taught me things I can’t even explain.

— Anonymous

Sometimes dream affects us badly. I am waiting for my exam results to be published so if I see any bad dream then I connect it with my results and think something bad is going to happen. We are taught that dream is the symbol of future happening.

— Sonika Lamichhane

Just a week ago I had dreamt of eating fried rice. To my surprise, that dream came out to be true. Although I had woken up late in the morning, my mother had already prepared the fried rice for me. At first, I thought about not eating it, because I was not used to eating it. But I ate it as there was nothing else for me in breakfast. Besides I was also hungry which made me change my decision. After finishing the dish, I praised and even thanked my mother for her effort. It was the first and the last time that I had fried rice for breakfast.

— Pratik Shrestha, Buddhanagar, Baneshwor

I once had this horrible dream where I saw my mum dead. I don’t remember the details but I can still feel the hollowness and petrifying feeling every time I recall it.

In the dream, I was crying a lot and I am certain that I have never cried so much in my life. When I woke up, I felt my eyes were wet; I had been crying in real. On realising that it was just a dream, I felt happy and lucky to still have my mother with me. I then thanked God wholeheartedly for the wonderful blessing he gives us in the form of mum. Every day since then, I have tried my best to appreciate the time I have with her. On occasions when I sleep with mum, I see myself 10 years into the future when I will no longer be with her, probably married and away. So, I try to take in everything I can; the scent of her hair, the warmth beside her, her loving embrace, so that the memory of it will be enough for my life. Every day, I try to see the sacrifices she makes for us, I hope that someday I can accomplish the same.

— Samina Thapaliya, Pokhara

It was a horrifying night for me — one night before the earthquake crippled several infrastructures and lives. I had dreamt of a powerful quake in some mysterious place which devastated lots of human settlements and lives. The next morning, I was quite distressed to read the similar news in a newspaper. This vile news report was quite implausible for me. It took me about a couple of weeks to recover mentally and emotionally. This dream of mine came true for the first time in my life. I think it is one of the frightening and macabre experiences in my life.

— Sanjog Karki, Palpa

Certain dreams have come true in my context. It is said that if we see fire in our dreams it creates trouble or fight between your loved ones. But in my case whenever I dream of fire, the next day I receive money. This has always been true when I see fire in my dream.

— Namita Acharya

Most of my dreams are related with places and faces — familiar and unfamiliar. Knowing that we cannot completely recall the dream, sometimes I think of writing about my dream as soon as I am awake, but never do so.

None of my dreams have come true but I had an incident that made someone’s dream real. After having a rough day I decided to call one of my friends, whom I hadn’t spoken for years. I was feeling a bit awkward as I had not met her for over four years, but I dialled her number and she answered. Instead of saying “hello’’ she directly started to tell that she wanted to say something. She told me that in her last dream we were talking on the phone. Therefore, I believe our dreams have some kind of connection with future.

— Anonymous

Once in my dream, I was walking alone on the street when I met a scary looking dog. I was afraid and I started moving backwards. But, I realised that the dog too was frightened. It had lost its right leg and had nowhere to go. I felt bad for the dog. Sadly, I could not do anything to help, so I left it there and went home.

Few days later, I went to Swayambhunath Stupa. There I was eating my chocolate when suddenly a monkey came and attempted to take my chocolate. I ran away from it. Then, I saw a group of children throwing stones at some monkeys. I felt really bad for those animals.

From these two incidents I learned that we should not hurt animals, instead we should love them and care for them. Even though they cannot speak, they have feelings. And, it is not good to hurt their feelings.

— Saundarya Rai

I was told since my childhood that if I had a bad dream then I might encounter a bad omen. That is why I used to fear when I had bad dreams. But as I grew up I noticed that people have their own interpretation of dreams. One cannot generalise the future dream. And, there is no astrologer who can interpret dreams with certainty. Copious theories have been proposed in Oneirololgy, however, there is not yet any rule that can predict the nature of dream. All the apocryphal interpretations of the dream can make us happy or sad according to the dream we see. There is no connection between the dream and the real life. The example to support this fact is legion — sometimes we see our dead relatives or imaginary flying saucers or dinosaurs in our dream but in reality they don’t exist.

— Kamal

Dream is like a fantasy. With the passage of time the meaning and value of dreams change. I believe dream is not something you see at night and enjoy while you are asleep but it’s something that boosts your spirit and mind and makes you zealous to achieve it. No wonder some dreams simply energise you in ways and some drain all your energy. Sometime dreams can be seen with eyes wide open, which we call imagination. We imagine our destiny, live our dreams each day and finally it becomes real.

— Somika Ganesh

Dreams are mostly reflections of our personal life, anger, hopelessness, desire, aspiration and frustration stored in the subconscious part of our brain. During sleep the subconscious part of the brain becomes active reflecting those thoughts and emotions kept deeply suppressed in our brain, which we cannot express in our societal life. In this sense dreams are a powerful tool to understand our deeper self, inner conscious and suppressed thoughts and ideas that often do not get a window to channelise their true expressions. Famous organic chemist Kekule credited with the discovery of the resonating (canonical) structures of benzene ring that led to the foundation of Aromatic Organic Chemistry, had found that structure in his dream where he saw two serpents joined to each other by holding each others’ tail in their mouth.

Dreams are possibly a reflection of our inner self and serve as a mirror to unveil our complex inner world that remains hidden from the whole world including our conscious mind. Dreams constitute an important part of all societies, cultures, ethnicity and literature around the globe from the progressive democracies to primitive Iron Age living in isolated remote forests. Recent research has also established that even animals such as dogs and primates regularly dream like humans. Several of my dreams have been around my personal life with both sweet and sad memories. Some even helped me to take a few significant decisions in my life.

— Saikat Kumar Basu, Lethbridge, Canada

It’s true we dream and I am not different. Sometimes we dream and it makes us smile and other times our dreams make us cry. I have dreamt many things and forgotten about them because it’s imaginary and I am not serious about it.

— Abhinay Jayaswal, New Baneshwor

Dream is the most powerful information regarding the future. It will give you a hint of the upcoming activity in your life. I am the prefect example of this. Once when I was dreaming, I stood second among my friends. That dream was recurring every day. And finally in reality, I stood second in my class. That dream taught me to work hard.

— Saroj Wagle, Dumarwana, Bara

The word ‘dream’ came to my realisation in Class XII when I read the book Magic of Words in English. I came to know about the most cogent theory of Sigmund Freud. From then, I believe, dream is not a random roll of dice but the accumulation of emotions stored in the subconscious part of our brain.

In January 18, I asked my friend Rahul to lend money to pay for my college. It was about Rs 9,000 and I promised to pay him the very next day. My luck ran out and I could not find a source to pay him back. I neglected his call that day and kept thinking all day to pay him because my dear friend had saved it for an important purpose. That night I saw him in the dream where he was covered in blood and his tooth was broken. In the dream, I asked him if he was punished by his father because of the money he had lent me. The reason was different.

It was the emotions and thoughts of the day that kept my subconscious busy that night too. I don’t believe that dreams often come true but what I think is that they are created because of some reasons.

— Nav Raj Paneru

I seldom remember my dreams. Some months back prior to Krishna Janmaastami, I dreamt of presenting a flower vase as a birthday gift to my mum. Her birthday falls on the day Lord Krishna was born. I knew my mum is fond of gifts. Just a day before her birthday, I went to the market, picked up a flower vase with red and yellow flowers in it. Most of them were roses. Some were sun flowers. She is fond of red colour. On her birthday, I woke up early in the morning, bathed, and touched her feet to pay respect and gave her the flower vase. When I wished her happy birthday, she smiled and asked, “Who told you I love roses?”

— Anonymous

Dreaming is one of the astonishing mysteries in human existence. Thinking, recalling, imagination, meditation, hypnosis, psycho-analysis, et cetera are the close terms to dreaming. All these mental states of humans are mysterious like in the world of dreams.

As for me, I dream of different activities that I frequently think of. Some are good and others are not. But they do not come true like in my dream. At times, I see my death and once I saw my brother’s death in the dream. But we are both alive in reality. Maybe the core meaning is something different or maybe symbolically representing something else.

There are other times when I do not dream at all or do not remember my dreams. It could mean that dreams portray

our characteristics and life events. Few days ago, I read about dream — that dreams could be visually recorded on a device and shown to the person. This is an advancement of science and technology. Dream symbols and analysis are made in widening the scope of human studies that are beyond human perception.

— Suman Rai, Hattiban, Lalitpur