blog surf-An excuse?

It’s the summer, why not have a good time and get drunk?”

“I’m on vacation, who cares how much I drink?”

“It’s a wedding, let’s celebrate, where’s the alcohol?”

These are just a few of the excuses that many alcoholics and even social drinkers may use when it comes to drinking heavily during the summertime.

In most cultures “celebrations” are often intertwined with drinking alcohol.

Many alcoholics report that any occasion can be an excuse to drink and that it is easy to blame their belligerence on the event. Those in denial of the alcoholic problem may also blame the event as the reason. For example, some feel that a wedding is not considered a quality wedding unless there is an open bar.

The question remains, why do so many people believe that alcohol enhances these types of events? The implication is that a special event such as a wedding is not enough in its own right- that alcohol will “make it better”.—

Posted by Sarah Allen