One of the events I was looking forward to was the Suzume Odori, which also happens to be the major attractions in Aoba Matsuri.

The word ‘Suzume’ means sparrow and ‘Odori’ means dance.

This dance includes jumping, twisting and spinning in music of drum beats, flutes and sometimes cymbals. There were many groups that had entered for the Suzume Odori competitions, entertaining the huge mass of visitors that had flocked from all parts of Sendai.

On the 15th May the roads were covered with a procession of people that mimicked the samurais, warriors and royal families of ancient Japan.

This time again, I couldn’t help myself but be astounded at the similarities between

the festivals of Japan and Nepal. Back at home, we also have different Jatras where people carry the shrine with deities inside and move it around the cities. But then, there were lots of differences too. Here, everything is in order.