BLOG SURF: Cool escape

Firstly, it was SO nice to get away from the dirty, hectic, bustle of Kathmandu and escape to the country. Pokhara is so peaceful and beautiful. Surely one of the most scenic places in the world, definitely the most scenic I’ve been to on my limited travels!

Friday was spent exploring before enjoying grilled fish from the lake, mmmm.

On Saturday, we checked into a different hotel (a verrry nice one indeed) and our ahem, friend from the hospital (one of the junior doctors who is very friendly...) made the 10 hour or so ride over on his motorbike to join us Him and two of his friends drove us to one of the other lakes in Pokhara — Begnas Tal. There were no tourists there at all. After rowing us to the other side they stopped to have a few, ahem, cigarettes and we just chilled. We got caught up taking photos etc and didn’t notice that someone stole our boat! Thankfully, they were just using it for fishing and brought it back! Then we drove up to a viewpoint called Sarangot. Very high up. Amazing view! Was an ace weekend. —