BLOG SURF: The girl I know

Let me tell you about a girl. A girl who, I know for 19 years now. Who has shared her best and worst moments of life and will continue the journey together with me.

The unsaid, the unheard, the silent cries, the inner joys, the fake smiles and all of that she chooses to hide away from the world, she never really can hide it from me. She was born with two aspects to her personality.

The one; who loves to spend time to herself, jot down those deep set emotions and thoughts on a piece of paper and who loves to indulge into life’s deeper meanings and tries discovering all of life’s secrets and mysteries as though she is some philosophical thinker.

The one that appears reserved, calm, composed and serious for some people to an extent. The one who lives under covers. While the other one who is just as contrasting. The one that is chatty, witty with words and outgoing.

Who loves performing; the idea of mass audience, applauses, spotlights and stages appeal to her.