blog surf: My Everest


Three months is a long time. A long time in any life, practically a season, and a long time to be

away from this space.

I didn’t really go anywhere, but I feel like I’ve been on a long journey.

Just after I posted the last time, I was told that I needed more chemotherapy. Three more rounds,

to see if we could improve the results. I went to work, barely, and the stairs up to my apartment became my one goal for the day — could I climb Mt. Everest one more time?

But look, here I am, living to tell the tale. I did it. I got the good news about my latest scans on my birthday, and I celebrated by going to the ocean. I had to stay up on the dune because the sand was just too soft to navigate, but I went there, and I had a good cry and a nice time.

My energy is returning, slowly but steadily, and my brain is clearing, along with the blurry vision that was a temporary side effect of one of the chemo drugs.