Blog surf: Not enough

Anna-Maria Udrica

8 months into my travels, I’m a bit exhausted. I haven’t exactly been spending my days relaxing at nice resorts in tropical paradises with a strawberry margarita in hand as some people seem to think when they hear the word “travel”.

Instead, I’ve been backpacking — figuring out my next destination as I go and every day needing to find a hostel, find out bus times to the next destination, book tickets, walk around to multiple tour agencies to find the lowest fare, book a tour, sleep not enough hours in a dorm, wake up and repeat. No it’s not a hard life, but it isn’t exactly a “vacation”. A “vacation” is what I’ll need at the end of this year. It’s also what I’m getting a little of in Cape Town, South Africa — my home for 1.5 months.

Today, for my final 2 weeks, I’ll be moving to live with a host family while volunteering in human rights. Will let you know how that and my internships have been next blog.