BLOG SURF: Overrated self-love

The world is changing from the collectivist that we were to now appreciating the dare devils the free thinkers, to now loving the the individualist.

But, the funny part about being free thinkers and individualist is we have still not been able to shake up the collectivist in us, we want people to be themselves but only if they are the exact themselves we like; even when celebrating the imperfections we wanted it to be celebrated with perfection.

Basically the new wave of self love has hit us so hard that no one dare speak about what they dislike about their bodies or themselves because that in itself is self destructive, but is not internalizing all of this and crying in the room alone at night worse?

And as I sit here letting my double chin loose for wherever it hopes to go cause I sure as hell am not moving from this couch, I want you to tell you to let go as well, let go of the pressure that you have to be a certain way, that you have taken all the advices thrown at you.