BLOG SURF: Save oceans

When I became a marine biologist, traditional fishermen taught me to humbly love and respect our ocean, which nurtures the fish to ensure a sustainable livelihood for all.

This notion of respect has largely faded, and our ocean is now fragile and highly vulnerable due to all kinds of human damage.

As an active scuba diving instructor, I always emphasize to my students the moral ethics of respect for our aquatic environment.

Most people believe that marine pollution is mainly the result of industrial waste and man-made negligence; they often forget that human ignorance associated with the lack of proper civic behavior and education causes more marine pollution than industrial waste.

Today our oceans have been turned into a huge open dump where plastic discarded by humanity accumulates.

Recent studies show that about 8 million tons of plastic enters the ocean every year, accumulating in gyres or areas where currents converge.