BlOG SURF: Shangri-La!

One third of the total length of the Himalaya lies inside Nepal’s borders and the country claims ten of the world’s fourteen highest peaks. Wow!

“Pokhara is beautiful,” said Krishna, the waiter at the New Orleans Cafe in Kathmandu. The lake lies at the foot of the mountains ‘like a child nestling in the lap of it’s mother’. “It’s clean and green,” he continued, “not like Kathmandu.” With such a recommendation we had to go.

On the bus to Pokhara I got my first sight of the Annapurna range. I was so excited I could hardly sit still. Huge snow-capped peaks, hanging seemingly suspended in mid-air, as if unattached to land and man. Ethereal, supreme, heavenly — dominating the valley, sometimes indistinguishable from cloud, but always awe inspiring. I got a grin

on my face, but this was much more, a feeling that registered in my whole body — as if someone had shot

a thousand happy

volts through me. A totally natural high. —