BLOG SURF: Shattered

Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) is often diagnosed in men (and now women) who return from the battlefield, women who’ve been raped-in short, in anyone who either has an intense traumatic experience themselves or witnesses one occurring to someone else. In my view, PTSD results when a person has the deluded belief that he/she going to live forever stripped away from them.

I’d always considered the shattering of delusion in my life to be a good thing, something that’s always brought me more happiness rather than less. And, I was diagnosed with PTSD I was suffering to a degree I never had. I was happier before living in denial.

Though, the crippling anxiety of PTSD resolved and I returned to my

previous level of functioning. Even minor injuries

or transient symptoms

that I would have ignored before now stir up vague feelings of worry. My ability to believe in my invulnerability has been irrevocably ruined. —