BLOG SURF: A star-gazed sky

It was those days of spring that didn’t turn out to be beautiful and romantic for her as it would be for poets, writers, lyricist and lover.

She could see a world of light and a home of her own in those arms of his. He was not her everything because everything is never equally special, he was that one special gem to her that she would do anything to secure but never had she expressed it out loud not even that day.

He asked her one more time, “Do you really want to leave me? Do you not love me?” But never did he assure her that he would settle this problem or sort things out or havoc that he has created in their life.

He only asked her if he was important for her not ever mentioning if she was important to him. She stood their silently, on that starry night above a majestic hill that gave a gorgeous view of their city, with him.

The lights were shining below them from the houses and above with stars. It would have been a perfect scene to propose someone and make them yours forever.