BLOG SURF: Tough ride

After leaving our rather sooty mark on Zambia, we pedalled on to Lusaka and managed to arrive without causing more disruption. Lusaka is a big hectic capital city. As we approached it and the buildings grew bigger we were delighted by the artwork — the shops advertised their wares with beautiful images painted on the walls.

The highlight of Lusaka was meeting 2 Spaniards — Aitor and Laura — who have cycled together from India via the Middle East. They are currently heading to Cape Town, where they will turn around and head back up the West Coast of Africa to Spain! It makes our trip look like a teddy bear’s picnic, especially when we found out that Igor actually started his trip in SE Asia !

We had a good early start from Lusaka... however after a short distance we discovered that Rob wasn’t

going to get very far after his excellent effort the night before with an “all you can eat” curry.

The cycling was tough.... with hills, heat and a strong headwind for much of the way.