BLOG SURF: Unforgettable days

The answer for this question would be yes and no.... Yes I would love to but in order to relive and recall those memories of my past or let’s say childhood.

I have always loved those days of my life. I found my most precious and best friends there and of course the best teachers. I went there today and the warmth, love of that environment still persists. Oh! how I missed my those mischivieous yet lovely 10 years of my life.

I met my dear teachers but I couldn’t meet all of them. The moment I entered there today and I came out it felt like I have never left this place. It was so amazing and lovely feeling. I really loved the whole experience of going back to my school.

I was still remembered by my teachers and of course I remember them. Well some of our teachers sure thought that we would forget them but seriously how can we forget them.

They are the ones who make us capable of and taught so many good things about life along with course of studies.