Wisdom carrier

A  young boy found a puppy in the street feeding on the pile of garbage. Filled with love, the young boy picked it up and took him home. He named it Tiger.

As the puppy grew younger he was happy when he was called as Tiger. Then one day the dog met another she-dog named Shally after it grew old. Shally revealed Tiger that they were dogs not some wild animals like tiger living in the forest and enemy towards dogs. Tiger was angry against his human owner for naming it Tiger as tigers feed on dogs as well. Unable to speak in human language, he would bark loud whenever the owner called him Tiger. It did not go close when he called him by the name Tiger.

This happened for a week until one day the owner was too disgusted by the change of the behavior in his dog. Then he shouted, “You Dog come here”. Suddenly Tiger came close to him wagging it’s tail. The owner was happy that his dog came to him when he was called in angry voice.

— voraciouswriter.wordpress.com