BLOG SURF: Women in my life

I first saw Jane when I walked into the class as a new admission in 4th standard maybe…I took glance of her…she was different…she had this straight long hair; while every girl in the class made ponies she left it over her shoulders.

Her sweet and innocent smile…and those dreamy eyes! Jane was absolutely pretty…as a child she made me happy…I was happily ready to share my lunch with her, I was okay with even giving my marble collection to no one but her, In fact I was ready to share almost anything when it came to her…I liked having her around…I loved it when she wore that red dress she once wore in her 10th birthday party.

She looked cute in it. I couldn’t see her crying…I didn’t feel good inside when she did. I felt like comforting her but then I wouldn’t. Jane and I never really spoke much.

Two years…two long years of unspoken words….and sadly, after those unfortunate two years, she left the school and I felt lonely…sad.