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USA consists of so many ethnicities. Sometimes you can’t recognize by name what ethnicity given person has. In the picture above you can see Tea Leoni (the one to the left) who is of at least 25% Polish ethnicity, and at least 50% Italian ethnicity... and you can see Martha Stewart who is 100% of Polish ethnicity. So you see that family names don’t say it all!

Furthermore the mixing of ethnicities that takes place in USA is amazing and some most talented people are mixtures. It is not unusual to have 3 to 6 ethnicities in oneself in USA.

People who are angry when somebody mentions ethnicity of some American, are simply stupid.

Why? Because for several Americans this ethnicity is utterly important but they pretend that it is

not. I think that being American is most important for Americans but one should not deny one’s heritage, whatever it is.

One last thing: one can’t chose one’s ethnicity - it’s inherited. —