Blog Surfs: A journey

Meditation can be part of your religious experience — Jews, Christians, Buddhists, Hindus and others meditate — or part of a journey to discovering and transforming the self. It can be an elaborate ritual or a very simple exercise. You may use assorted gadgetry and even combine your meditation with aromatherapy, or merely enjoy a momentary period of peace and quiet for your meditations.

Understand that meditation is a journey without a stated destination. It is the process that matters and while you practice meditative techniques, you learn new things about the process that make it better, deeper and more fulfilling.

Come to grips with the limitations. Meditation is not a magic bullet but

instead a must-have walking stick. Focus: it is easy to tell someone to think of nothing. Rather than concentrating on nothing, choose a focal point — a picture, candle or houseplant will do — and concentrate on it. —