BLOG SURFS: Different

This is not my Australia, most unlike when we were wandering around the Multicultural Festival in Canberra Centre. Yesterday, when I was in the office a colleague forwarded an email giving a flash flooding warning, citing that the mail was from a reliable source, I was not one to disbelieve especially checking out the meteorological website that shows the radar picture, with those lovely shades of blue. So flash flooding means rain, lots of, therefore it was no surprise to awake in the night as the dulcet tones of raindrops fell in the canvas, it was quite heavy but not enough to keep me awake.

Andy got out of bed to put the kettle on, I heard him say, “Shall we still go today?” “Of course!” came my mumbled reply from the warmth of my sleeping

bag, “a bit of rain wont

harm us and lets face it, if we were in England the rain would not stop us”.

Now, I know that everyone here wants rain, more so than anything. —