BLOG SURFS: Don't forget

Single dads often forget about dating. They are more worried about their child or children, working towards their career and moving past their last relationship. Single dads deserve love as much as the next person. A new partner can create a very positive environment for both the father and the child.

Finding someone new can mean the father is happier, which trickles down to the child. Dating will help you find someone to love both you and your child and be someone else your child can rely on. Dating for single dads isn’t much different than dating at any other point. The main difference is you have your child or children to consider as well. Always remember to keep their interests at the forefront. Always tell your date about your child and never take a date to your home to meet your child until you feel comfortable with them. When you become serious, talk to your child and

see how they feel. You’re a team and should agree on who you decide to bring home in the end. —