Born tech-savvy

Restless I was waiting for a friend in a café, the reason was that my Sim card Internet was not working and the café’s WIFI service was down. Suddenly, when I realized how I was obsessed just to check some notification and scroll over some news feed, or the like, on the recently updated someone’s lunch date picture. What was my restlessness for!  It is weirdly amazing how technology today has captured our mind and forced us to think it’s impossible to live without seeing the word “connected” everywhere we go. And all the new born are tech-savvy born.

I went back to the memory and thoughts about the things we stopped feeling magical about, the visible black square box, where we view the whole world, the remote we use sitting at a distance and change the channels, the automobiles we travel in, the planes we fly on, this recent gold colored I-phone written mobile in my hand where I swipe some names, some numeric on the screen and there you go talking and seeing another human who stays miles and miles away from you. We are getting used to this virtual world and getting attached to it. Today, we have been upgraded with technology so much so that many times we forget how amazing and magical it is, talking about all the applications and the IT oriented world where everything is limited to one button or one sway away. I felt amazed with this magical app “snap chat”.

Just a brief and major feature of this app is, it is an instant app where you record an instant picture or some seconds of video, send it to your friend and it disappears in a blink of an eye. People are enjoying this app, as they do not have to save the video or snaps and they can still get updated with their friends every hour. The snap doesn’t even last for 10 second of time and disappears. This app provides the exact time and current location of the picture or video taken.  You can also swipe a chat, and it also disappears with the recipient opening it. This way it also leaves no evidence of what we have talked about with each other.

Just like the world is getting busy, people barely have time to have a good conversation over a cup of coffee or a long walk. There is no one to cherish the time and beauty of sunrise and sunset, people are more into the invisible world, where they communicate with all but stay silent. This virtual world seems like a dark demon that has us under its spell when even for seconds we cannot ask to stay away with.