Boudoir secrets

The Casanovas in the capital must have had a bolt from the blue when the cops busted a sporting house recently. Since the crackdown by Home Minister Bamdev Gautam on cabin restaurants and dance bars operating in the capital, this incident, which coincidentally involves a former cine-heroine as procurer and a politician, has become the latest headline grabber. Other than the voyeuristic instincts that the boudoir secrets of a parliamentarian and a celluloid has-been might arouse, the incident has its share of the dramatic element too. The Constituent Assembly member who was allegedly caught lavishing his treasures on a foreign lap was to embark on the tedious trip to collect pearls of wisdom from various districts for the new constitution.

Whether the CA member was actually ensnared while being tempted to taste the forbidden

fruit, however, is yet to be proved in the court. All the same, this definitely means that the hyped crackdown is the tip of the iceberg. In fact, sex trade is booming despite all deterrents. Other than the massage parlours and restaurants, public places and parks have equally earned repute as ideal venues for illicit affairs, which surprisingly have failed to come under the purview of the authorities. A more clearly defined law is urgent, as the lack of clarity may well tempt law-enforcers to go overboard for a variety of motives to cause pain to all and sundry.