In the meanwhile, her tiny son struggled to live. She held him for the first time when he was one week old. After three months in Neonatal Intensive Care, an overjoyed, yet fearful Mother took her still-fragile infant home. Lainie’s mother traveled from Kansas to aid her youngest daughter and brand new grandson.

Due to chronic lung disease in premature babies, Chance would not be a daycare candidate for 2 years and Lainie was forced to make several major decisions. She left California and moved into her mother’s roomy home in Kansas. Mom was more than willing to provide the emotional support Lainie needed and to help care for her young grandson.

Lainie was unable to

continue her established

career path in Kansas. Instead, her employment took the route of temporary

jobs. Chance’s therapy

sessions and endless

doctor appointments required her schedule to be flexible. At 18 months of age, Chance lags behind developmentally for a child his age, but he makes progress daily. It appears he has avoided all of the possible maladies that once loomed in his future. Chance dodged two obstacles

that were thrown in his path-those being, kidney and heart surgery. Both

issues resolved themselves with no explanation.

When I last visited Chance, his bright eyes danced and he giggled

while giving grandma “high fives” one after the other.

In addition, the smile that graced grandma’s proud face was priceless. Despite all adjustments and

challenges encountered, Chance fills Lainie’s life

with love, light, and joy

daily. With mountains of love, a multitude of prayers, and the grace of God, “chances are” that Chance will lead a completely normal life... — (concluded)