Change your life — II

But what if I could pass goal setting’s elements along to you, here and now? I’d like to try. This said and done, let’s get moving towards the essentials. For goals to work for you they must have the following critical components:

Written: a goal is only a dream if it isn’t written down somewhere

Specific: no foggy thought will ever get accomplished

Measurable, you have to know when you’ve reached your goal

Achievable: your goals must be realistic, but please don’t set your sights too low

Challenging: unless your goal challenges you, it is just another task; stretch yourself

Time sensitive: goals are not goals without time limits

Almost twenty-five years ago I was affiliated with a small volunteer fire department that didn’t offer emergency medical services but a good number of trained and willing members wanted to. Even so, we didn’t have any equipment or supplies, we didn’t have the support of our board of directors, and we didn’t have a rescue vehicle. As a group we sat down one afternoon and before concluding our discussion, we set some goals; we wanted to be helping folks within six months.

I am as certain today as I was then that setting a goal is the reason we succeeded, and we did it ahead of schedule, within our budget, and we had raised money to spare. In fact, almost every single time I have ever written my goals, and I make sure to include all the elements of goal setting as laid out above, I have succeeded, usually I even do better.

How about you? Wouldn’t your life take a turn for

the better if you follow this formula for successful goal setting? Try it now;

it is a single, simple thing you can do that will change your life. — (concluded)